Loredana Mapelli suggests: a peek inside her iconic closet

Loredana’s style suggestions ❤

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Take a peek with us in stylist Loredana Mapelli’s closet

If you are like us and always on the lookout for some suggestions about what’s trendy in the fashion world, then we’re happy to tell you that you ended up in the right place. Today, we are going to take a peek inside one of the most interesting and original closet you’d ever seen, the closet of Italian stylist Loredana Mapelli. 

Learning from the best is maybe the most important piece of advice one could learn. By definition, coming up with an outfit cooler than that of a stylist is almost impossible; what their mind is able to do even with the simplest item of clothing is remarkable most of the time and, on very special occasions, even groundbreaking. For this reason, we asked Loredana to show us some ideas for the upcoming months on how to wear Thierry Rabotin shoes using only what she already had in her closet.

Ready to take notes?

Social media are the place to find original ideas

Loredana’s talent and experience make it easy for her to get inspired and change the rules. Take a look at these pictures featuring her, her clothes and Thierry Raboten shoes, aren’t you dying to replicate the outfits as soon as possible? And what’s even better is that the stylist’s proposals are all accessible to every woman, they don’t cater only for the influencer type as it so often happens nowadays! 

If you’d like more suggestions from us and from Loredana, you should definitely check out our social media. Fashion lovers from all over the world love to hang out on our official accounts!

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