As in a kaleidoscope

The Thierry Rabotin SS2023 collection is a call to all women to feel lighter and more dynamic, as well as an ode to simplicity, which has always been an absolute and irreplaceable value of the brand.
A hallmark of the collection is the use of elastics, which sinuously wrap around the foot without constrictions, elements of great functionality. They are also used as decorative accessories. In the SS2023 season, the colors presented in new combinations tell the designer’s love for art deco, the art wave which has inspired the line.

Discover Gragas, our new flat is done in yummy blue suede, accented with several strips of elastic.  It is a fashion statement and provides a perfect fit and Alena, our classic, easy to wear pump  is done in a gorgeous blue metallic nappa.  A great shoe for any occasion.

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This collection expresses our vision and interpretation of the concept of “elastic rigor.”
As in a kaleidoscope, weaves of geometric lines give life to figures that manage to be both symmetrical and sinuous. Together with classic shapes, almost magically, elastics make it possible to create shoes that give the wearer the feeling of a “tailored” fit and unparalleled comfort.

Discover  Bishop, this elastics and leather combinated sandal provides comfort and fit. Perfect for casual or formal wear and Bran, our new slide for the season is done in blue elastic mesh, and Elastic accented. Done on a Rubber sole for comfort.

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