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Thierry Rabotin footwear speaks to fashion forward women of all ages who believe they should not sacrifice comfort or fit in the name of style. The high quality of the materials used and the scrupulous attention to detail built into every pair of shoes by Thierry Rabotin have been recognized and acclaimed around the world.

Lo Stilista

Thierry Rabotin expressed his design philosophy in one simple phrase:

I like to design shoes that wrap around the feet giving the pleasant sensation of walking barefoot

That continues to be the mission of the company that bears his name.

The legendary designer considered style and the details that contribute to a perfect fit to be equally essential elements of design. Over the last four decades, Thierry Rabotin has worked to find balance between form and function, creating elegant collections that mix style with both state of the art workmanship and artisan mastery.

Giovanna Thierry Karl

Thierry Rabotin is one of the Italian shoe companies that still produces exclusively in Italy and sources materials from renowned Italian suppliers. Employing highly skilled artisans at every step of the production process is an essential part of our success. Thierry Rabotin believes that dedication to exceptional craftsmanship is the most important reason our company is able to produce such superior footwear.

All shoes, made using only selected leathers and fabrics of the highest quality, are produced at the Thierry Rabotin Parabiago Collezioni factory under the direction of Giovanna Ceolini and Karl Schlecht. The design studio and production facility are located in Alto Milanese, an Italian province near Milan, where the footwear craftsmanship has developed to be the best in the world.

Lo Stabilimento

Many years after the opening of his factory, Thierry Rabotin is among the few Italian shoe companies that still produce exclusively in Italy and buy all the components from renowned Italian suppliers.


Parabiago Collezioni Srl
Via Mario Re Depaolini, 80,
20015 Parabiago (MI) ITALY
(lat. 45.5465, lon. 8.9592)

Fatte a Mano in Italia

Highly skilled and committed artisans are a key part of our success. The journey of a Thierry Rabotin shoe from the designer’s sketch to the packaging is long and includes many stages of production.

Without our valuable craftmanship, the men and the women that work with great passion, Thierry Rabotin wouldn’t be able to produce such high quality shoes

Thanks to the bond with the footwear tradition, we have gone back in its history giving new life to the craft and the traditional techniques of generations of the best shoemakers. One of the characteristics of Thierry Rabotin is the ability to combine tradition with innovation. Although the Thierry Rabotin shoes are produced in a modern context, there is a preference for craftwork techniques that mainly employ the human hand.

L'ingrediente Segreto


Sustainability is a goal to which the Thierry Rabotin brand is completely committed. The company prides itself on its devotion to maintaining very low energy consumption. Its suppliers are almost totally in the Parabiago area, keeping transportation of components to a minimum and lowering the carbon footprint even further.


The Thierry Rabotin Legacy

Thierry Rabotin is proud to sponsor a variety of collaborations with the region’s professional schools. Students are given an inside glimpse into artisan shoe manufacturing, better preparing themselves for life in the working world. Thierry Rabotin believes in investing in future generations.

For over a decade, Thierry Rabotin has been a primary sponsor of Rugby Parabiago, a team participating in the Italian Serie A rugby championship. The club is very active in the social field with projects related to rugby with various associations such as the “il Cerchio Magico“, “Golfini Rossi” “La Ruota“.  The team also reaches out to local youth by sponsoring “Rugby Tots,” teaching children aged 2-5 years rugby skills as well as an appreciation for good sportsmanship.