Boots, boots, boots… It’s finally time for new boots!

Are you ready for the cold season? It’s finally time to renew your shoe collection and find a new pair of boots, the coolest type of footwear to stay warm and fashionable even when the temperatures drop. Boots have a kind of charm no other shoes possess, especially if we’re talking about high-end products made of the best Italian leather.

Thierry Rabotin has so many new models of boots to choose from, it’s almost overwhelming! Whatever woman you are, whatever your life looks like, in our online store, you can find the perfect pair for all your endeavours. Do you prefer high-knee or biker boots? And what about heels? Are they a yes or a no for you? In any case, our collections include original and interesting pieces we’re sure you’ll fall in love with instantly.

And there’s more; Thierry Rabotin boots fit like a glove thanks to the incredible technologies we employ to make them. Take a look at two of the newest additions in our family, Zenzero and Zero; have you ever seen prettier boots? They’re strong, they’re elegant, they’re everything you’ve always wanted in a piece of footwear… And they’re also a prime example of Made in Italy shoes, there’s nothing better than that!

Discover our BOOTS

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