Do you remember when you had fun playing with fashion?

Most days, we forget about it, surrounded as we are by magazines that want to tell us what we should wear and influencers that want to influence what we like, but the best thing about fashion is that it is FUN! 

Is there anything better than playing with our wardrobe, finding new outfits hidden among clothes we’ve been wearing for the past few years? Anything more elating than discovering by chance in a little, quaint shop a dress that perfectly represents us and the life we want to live?

Too many times, the world around us talks about the rules of fashion and tries to make us forget the plain and simple feel-good sensation of a new pair of shoes or the soft hug of our favourite jumper. 

That’s why for once, we should all close our fashion magazines, turn off our cell-phones and go back to having fun with clothes and shoes like when we were kids! After all, this is how designers come up with their most iconic ideas.


Nicoletta by Thierry Rabotin is the perfect shoe to reconnect to our passion for fashion. They’re so comfortable you can wear these leather sabots for your shopping sprees or take them on your summer adventures; at the same time, though, their leopard design and their trendy colours give them that edge that can spark up everyone’s creativity. 

Do you want to take advantage of our current huge sale? Then, go visit our online store and find out all the interesting pieces of footwear that, like Nicoletta, will remind you what makes fashion so special!


Ocean Blue

Perlized Nappa

Beige Nappa

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