FIFTY-12, Thierry Rabotin sneakers from Italy

Whatever kind of Italian casual sneakers you’re looking for, FIFTY-12 has the right pair for you, providing that you like footwear characterised by a unique design and innovative lines, of course! After all, every one of our products is made to leave a lasting impression on the market and – primarily – on our customers’ hearts.

The main reason why so many people are ready to give Thierry Rabotin Italian casual sneakers a chance is the high quality of all the brand’s handmade creations. Who already knows our products has been nothing less than thrilled to be able to buy shoes for their free time and not only for their most formal occasions.


FIFTY-12 by Thierry Rabotin

To make the Italian casual sneakers in our collections, we employ the same state-of-the-art techniques we’ve developed over the years for our more classic lines. This means that walking around in our products is always a pleasure.

Visit Thierry Rabotin’s online shop to find your perfect pair of Italian casual sneakers!

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