Footwear design is just one facet of a fascinating art

Design is a fascinating art in all its many forms. Here at Thierry Rabotin, for example, we have mastered the art of footwear design, but this doesn’t mean that to create one of our iconic pairs of shoes, we close our minds and hearts to all the stimuli that this field has to offer. 

What’s the difference between the creation of designer footwear and designer furniture? Honestly? It’s hard to answer, given that a lot of our models are also inspired by the trends and ideas that come from interior design. 

Art is art, and inspiration is everywhere. 

Thierry Rabotin and Atelier Bienati, a partnership made in heaven

Take a look at the amazing photos we took when Angela and Sabrina – the company’s managers; Angela is the one wearing our shoes – welcomed us at Atelier Bienati a few weeks back; don’t you think that our shoes feel right at home among all these incredible design pieces?

As it happens with our collections, the products you can find at Atelier Bienati – one of the oldest in Arconate – are made with great care, following the prestigious artisanal tradition of Italy. Thierry Rabotin shoes are even more stunning in this space, where every detail is studied and carefully planned; it looks like these different design pieces belong together. 

Working with Atelier Bienati has been an honour for us, and – who knows? – maybe some of the inspiration for our next models will come from this experience, too!

Atelier Bienati is on Instagram. Check it out!



Thierry Rabotin Couture
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