Here’s to success

Here’s to success

Living our best life means being able to feel at ease in any circumstance, confident that nothing can stop us, not an annoying client at work, nor that setback we really hoped would never come to pass. 

Sure, we can’t pretend that this isn’t a huge goal to achieve, but fortunately, there are many tools we can rely on to boost our chances to succeed. One of the most useful? But a good old pair of designer shoes, of course!

We don’t know about the science behind the empowering effect of wearing the perfect footwear, but there is no doubt that our mood and attitude is affected by what we wear, especially on our feet. 

Imagine going into work feeling put together in a trendy yet practical pair of shoes that goes well with your outfit and allows you to go about your day in total comfort; can you think about anything better?

Fifty-12 footwear

Take a look at the Fifty-12 collection by Thierry Rabotin and tell us if our slip-on sneakers aren’t the perfect compromise between casual and work-smart, exactly what today’s men look for in their footwear. 

Try them on and discover how quickly your entire day can change! Once on your feet, these shoes will help you feel the better version of yourself, a man who can conquer the world but doing it so with grace and a kind word for everyone.

Visit our web store for a chance to purchase a pair of Fifty-12, your golden ticket to life-long success.


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