Moments to walk and breathe

Moments to walk and breathe

Breathe. In and out. Just breathe. Do you feel the hot summer air? Do you smell the sweet scent of flowers? Take it all in; you will crave it when it is gone. Enjoy the feeling of being outside and having a moment all to yourself to relax and just be, far from the stress of everyday life.

This time of the year, days become warm and long, while nights shorten. During summer, the sun shines bright and high, and everything seems to be whispering to go out and enjoy what the world has to offer.

Thierry Rabotin collection is full of shoes perfect for summer. From flat sandals to high heels, from wedges to slip-on models, our footwear line is the ideal choice for all those women that, during summertime, love to go for long walks on the beach, strolls around deserted cities or spend their nights to catch up with friends, sipping a glass of the most exquisite wine.

The sacchetto construction

What makes Thierry Rabotin shoes so special and exceptionally good for summer, though, isn’t just the design, the meticulous attention to detail or the material. It is their comfort and lightness that makes our footwear so unique.

In order to create footwear so comfy and light, Thierry Rabotin has developed an exclusive manufacturing technique, the so-called “sacchetto” working method. This working process consists of more than two hundred steps, all inherited from the authentic Italian shoemaking tradition.

The sacchetto manufacturing technique requires outstanding skillfulness, experience and competence and our company can boast the collaboration of the most amazing shoemakers in the world. 

During the sewing stage, the full grain nappa lining is attached like a ‘sac’ along its edge, and that allows to create shoes that don’t have any rigid components, such as the insole and the shank piece. A breathable material is inserted between the sole and the lining to provide long lasting shock absorption all along the foot.

Thanks to this working method, our shoes become lighter and allow the foot to move naturally.

To shop our selection of sandals created with our sacchetto working method, visit our online store.







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