Monia is forever

Monia is the must-have all women want in their closets!

There are shoes that when you look at them, you can’t do anything but think Oh, I’ve been waiting for you all my life. All you need is to lay your eyes on them – just a quick glance, that’s it – and you know they’ll be your favourite pair for forever. Obviously, love at first sight is not a precise science but we are almost sure that this is what will happen the moment you meet with Monia. These classic boots by Thierry Rabotin can be worn with countless different outfits, an actual passepartout piece that can’t be missing in the closet of those women that love always being on point. 

What makes Monia a must-have isn’t just the simple yet rich of fine details style but also the way this pair of boots is made. As you might already know, Thierry Rabotin uses the best Nappa leather and a super innovative sole made of mico rubber to make these particular shoes, as well as the famous Sacchetto method of construction. This way you can buy boots that you can wear all day long without noticing them, at least if you don’t start paying attention to all the jealous stares other women will send your way!

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