The new 2021/22 Fall-Winter Collection is finally here!

A new collection inspired by the great couturiers

With the new season also comes Thierry Rabotin’s 2021/22 Fall-Winter Collection. As always, it’s a very exciting time of the year, one in which we finally get to show our customers what we’ve been working on so hard for so many months. 

This year, though, it feels even more special because our prime goal when creating this collection was to bring as much happiness and joy as we could through our shoes to all the people who needed a little pick-me-up after the tough past couple of years. 

So we decided to go back from where we all come from and get inspired by the greatest couturiers in history. The boots, loafers, flats, and all other types of footwear we included in the collection mirror our passion for what came before and what’s waiting for all of us next.

We’ve got so many ideas for the upcoming months!

Working on this new collection has been so fun and exciting that we wanted to do something special and creative with it. This is why we decided to collaborate with stylist Loredana Mapelli for an incredible photoshoot. In the photos – available on our website -, you can see Loredana wearing shoes from Thierry Rabotin’s Fall-Winter Collection paired up with charming and unique vintage outfits. 

Dying for more information about our 2021/22 Fall-Winter Collection? Then, keep an eye on our social media platforms!

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