“When a woman wears my shoes she has to smile” Thierry Rabotin

Our most beloved and desired models, embellished and renewed by our craftsmanship experience return to your feet to give you the most pleasurable experience of a designer shoe.

Each of our creation is more than just a sum of elements. It is intuition, construction, refinement, the perfect synthesis of experience, craftsmanship and design. It is a timeless process.


A Slipper with a bow with a metal logo. Enveloping like a glove thanks to the elastic bands placed under the tongue, designed to welcome the foot without forcing it. The stretch fabric insert on the heel ensures perfect fit and comfort. The model is enriched by a brand new sole in micro and metal welt for a brand new look.

T0001MD7 CaElCaPe Gaynor 9005

T0001MD7 CaElCaPe Gaynor 333A


Classic moccasin with a small metal logo. The very soft materials, the total Sacchetto construction, the hidden elastic band to better hold the foot without forcing it, guarantee the comfort of Gala. The model is completed with a brand new micro sole combined with a brand new metal welt for a modern and elegant look.

T0002MD7 NapNapNa Gala 9005

T0002MD7 CamCamCa Gala 5004


Classic shoe with the iconic Thierry Rabotin elastic lacing. The velcro closure protects the foot and allows a comfortable fit. Lena is characterized by the Sacchetto construction with footbed and the micro sole perfect for a long use over time.

T0300U7 NaElNaPeLena 9005

T0300U7 CaElCaPeLena 595A



Thanks to an ingenious intuition and the visual play of three small intertwined elastic squares, the perfect fit and the comfortable sensation of adapting perfectly to the foot is guaranteed. The new sole gives the model a new youth with a modern look.

T0100U CamCamElGrace 5004

T0100U TafTafElGrace 999A

T0100U CamCamElGrace 9005


he three elastic bands positioned on this model, of different sizes, guarantee the perfect fit of this shoe. A comfortable Velcro closure is positioned on the last elastic while the microfibre insert on the heel will gently welcome the foot ensuring that it does not run away while walking. The design is completed with a one-piece micro sole with a modern line.

T0201U7 CamElaPeDarcy 5004

T0201U7 NapElaPeDarcy 9005


The essentiality sublimates the function of this shoe and makes it so easy to wear while making you forget that it is on your feet. The elastic material wraps without constricting, and the new wedge-sole look propels it into the contemporary, giving it an even more metropolitan look.

T0200U7 RoxaNappDream 9005

T0200U7 PeacNappDream 3004

T0200U7 PeacNappDream 5004


  • To join the club the minimum order will be of 3 SKU’s.
  • You will not be able to change the materials we have fixed (we have picked the best performing materials worldwide), the soles are exclusive of this line and won’t be available on other styles same as the new TR buckle.
  • To whom may apply to the club we guarantee immediate shipping for reorder of the ordered styles.
  • TR will provide the window signs and advertising materials anytime that is required and will be automatically included in the first shipment.
  • For the subscription to the “TIMELESS CLUB” you will receive exclusive information like: number of pairs in stock and offers of materials/colors.