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Specifically designed for dynamic women who love to travel and move with style, the Travel Collection embodies the essence of our brand, combining elegant design with precious ergonomics, especially crafted to conquer the dynamics of both business and leisure travel.

Our designers have developed a series of new shapes, specifically designed to provide maximum support and comfort throughout the day. Each shoe has been meticulously crafted with tailored technological choices, all while never forgetting to create products that stand out for their style and beauty. From the “Sacchetto” construction with soft nappa linings, ensuring a feeling of softness with every step, to the design of the uppers characterized by clean and minimalist lines, adding a touch of sophistication to every outfit.

Above all, with the Travel collection, the concept of versatility and lightness is taken to the maximum.

Discover the entire Travel Collection

Travel Collection

With weight minimized to the fullest, we concentrate the utmost craftsmanship of our artisans and the highest choices of materials, resistant and durable. Among these, the removable anatomical polyurethane insole covered in leather stands out, a component that ensures optimal support and a feeling of lightness even after hours of walking, allowing women to face any adventure with confidence and style. Another exclusive feature is the sole, entirely made of Extralight© material, proudly Made in Italy: an innovative material developed following a special exclusive design for our line, providing unparalleled flexibility to the models and allowing total freedom of movement on any type of terrain. Whether exploring a vibrant city or covering long distances in the airport, these shoes are ready to meet every need with style and comfort.

Thierry Rabotin’s “Travel” Collection represents the perfect union of elegance and functionality for modern women, always on the move, and each pair has been carefully designed to offer lasting comfort without compromising on style, allowing every woman who wears them to proudly express their personality while facing the world with passion and determination.

With our Travel Collection, travelling becomes a pleasure for the feet, thanks to the perfect combination of comfort, style and functionality.

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