ZAK NEON | The New Capsule Collection

Zak Neon, an example of Thierry Rabotin’s unique originality

Over the years, Thierry Rabotin and its team of world-renowned designers have shown the footwear industry what originality really means. Every time a collection is launched the shoes that made it up help the company change the rules of our field, thanks to their unique take on what’s considered trendy today. 

Last of a long series of groundbreaking proposals and already iconic for those who work in the industry, Zak Neon is the perfect example of Thierry Rabotin long-lasting impact. We are talking about colourful and unique loafers that every fashion enthusiast around the world will love at first glance. 

There are no other pairs of shoes in store out there that look like Zak Neon. The lines, the combination of colours, the details, everything has been made to be the comfiest fashion statement in the field. 

Comfortable and colourful, the two defining characteristics of Zak Neon

 Are you more of a flash purple, flash orange or flash red kind of person? Take a look at our official website to see which version of Zak Neon suits you the most. With their neon shades, they’re perfect for all those people who like being the centre of attention!

To make them, not only we use our most famous techniques, such as the Sacchetto Method, but also a special selection of microfibers that helped us improve the functionality of our products. Thanks to this innovation you won’t even realize you’re wearing a pair of shoes in the middle of the summer. 

Visit our website to discover Zak Neon and all the other shoes by Thierry Rabotin. 

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